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Homeschool Social

Hugging a cow
Children sitting with a goat
A goat nibbling on shoelaces
A hen and some ducks
A woman hugging a calf
Bottle feeding a calf

Our Homeschool Social program at Bell Family Farm provides a unique and enriching experience for children. Kids will learn vital social skills while interacting with other children and animals in a safe, outdoor environment. Our program is designed to help children build lasting relationships, stimulate their creativity and foster their love for farm animals. 

Your children will:

  • Meet and socialize with other homeschool kids!

  • Interact with our friendly, social, and adorable farm animals: goats, pigs, cows, and chickens!

  • Learn about farms and farm animals!

  • Participate in variety of fun activities such as photo contests, short video making and journal writing, some of which could be featured on our website and/or social media! Bring your cameras and pens and notebooks!

This program is designed specifically for Grades 1-6. We understand that some families need to bring younger and/or older siblings. That's okay, but please note that they will charged the same ticket price and must be under a parent's direct supervision at all times to allow for the primary school kids to get the most out of the program. Children under two, as always, are free, but again, they must be under direct parent supervision at all times. 

Each ticket is $15.50 -- with one parent ticket free! Additional adult tickets are $15.50. The program begins promptly at 1pm every Wednesday (program launches November 29th 2023, excluding holidays) and runs for approximately 90 minutes. Please be on time.


You must book advance to receive your free adult ticket. 

Program is weather dependent. When in doubt, please call 863-984-0488. In the event of cancellation due to weather, we will honor the tickets the following week. 

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