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Come meet the babies!

Welcome to Florida's 
top rated petting farm!

Come visit our family-operated petting farm! It's not a busy theme park, but a serene place in Old World Florida where you can meet friendly animals. With small crowds, you can feed and hang out with the animals in a peaceful and immersive setting.

It's a chill spot where the animals are the stars, perfect for a relaxing day out!

Business hours:

Wednesday - Sunday 


Walk-ins welcome.
(Gate prices may be higher. Saturday, March 16, early close at 2pm for private event)

Please note that no animals of any kind may be brought onto the Bell Family Farm property, with the exception of service animals that are approved and scheduled in advance. We kindly ask that all visitors to our farm respect this policy in order to ensure the health and safety of our animals, visitors, and staff.

A Few of Our Crazy Characters

Bonk, the jumbo-sized troublemaker of Bell Family Farm! This goat's a hefty 160 pounds of mischief and his claim to fame? Shoelace untying extraordinaire! Blink, and he's already cozied up to your shoes, ready for a playful tug-of-war! Bonk's the ringmaster of shoe shenanigans in his personal shoelace amusement park.

At Bell Family Farm, Bonk reigns supreme among his goat gang. He and his partner-in-crime, Tuck, were the pioneers who turned this petting farm into their playground. Expect Bonk to be your enthusiastic host, injecting doses of fun and frolic into your visit. With this mischievous maestro around, boredom's banned!

Get ready for Alfie and Charlie, the dynamic duo of miniature zebu bulls ruling the northside pasture at Bell Family Farm! These two amigos have been the OG petting pros, but guess what? They're eagerly anticipating a newcomer to their zebu squad! Caroline's expecting a calf soon, and it's going to be a moo-tastic addition to their posse.

Here's the scoop: Alfie and Charlie thrive on attention, especially when it involves their favorite activity—feasting! Handpick from their exclusive menu and treat them to a gourmet meal through the fence. Trust us, every nibble will vanish faster than you can say "moo"! These guys are the ultimate foodies, ready to chow down on every last crumb you offer!

Get to know the chicken royalty of Bell Family Farm, and at the helm is Bernadette, the Silkie sensation! Despite her petite stature, this feathered diva is the belle of the barnyard. Bernadette's a snuggle aficionado—just be sure not to ruffle her feathers when she's on her daily egg-laying mission. It's her moment of zen, you know?

Now, here's the egg-citing part: Bell Family Farm's clucking crew lays eggs like it's a daily routine (because it is!). Fancy taking home a dozen of the freshest eggs in town? Your next visit is the golden ticket!

But wait, there's more feathered fun! The entire chicken squad at Bell Family Farm is a friendly bunch, always up for a snack attack. Head over to the coop with your quarters and conquer the food vending machine, stocked with cracked corn delights. Trust us, these chickens know how to turn your loose change into a clucking good time! It's a quarter party, and you're invited to make the chickens do their happy dance!


Meet Fig, the pint-sized powerhouse of piggy antics at Bell Family Farm! At just three years old, this miniature Kunekune is the master of manners. Picture this: Fig, sitting like a pro, ready for treats, and to top it off—smiling on command! Miniature might be in his title, but don't let that fool you; Fig's a big deal in the pig world.

Now, let's talk friendship! Fig's partner in crime and brother-from-another-mother is none other than Jon, the dynamic duo of piggy charm. But the real magic happens when you dive into Fig's world of happy grunts. A back rub or a belly scratch is the secret code to unlocking the joyous symphony of oinks and grunts. Trust me, Fig's all about that happy pig life!


Closed toe shoes are required

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