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Farm and Zebu Experience

Woman holding a hen
Miniature zebu cattle
A goat nibbling on shoe laces
A hen and some ducks
Hugging a calf
Bottle feeding a calf

Step right into Bell Family Farm!

Our animal friends are not just friendly but also brimming with unique and enjoyable personalities.

Spending time in our goat enclosure is an unforgettable experience! Bonk, our shoelace magician, keeps things lively, while Peyton craves your attention, sticking close and following your every move. The adorable twin babies, Royal and Decatur, might even curl up for a nap right in your lap!

And then there's Sunshine, the delightful piglet who absolutely adores belly scratches. She'll greet you with cheerful grunts and squeaks, reveling in the attention. Each one of them adds their own special touch to make your visit to the enclosure absolutely delightful!

From our herd of playful goats to mini and standard-sized cows, lazy pigs, vocal roosters, and diligent egg-laying hens, there's a whole cast of characters to meet.

You can seize the chance to feed our Miniature Zebu, our impressive BIG steer, and even offer a treat to some expecting goats and cows.

Unlike other farms, here you'll engage directly with our animals in their pastures and pens. 

Join our farm tours, on-line tickets are priced at only $12.50 per person on weekdays and $14.50 on weekends. $15.50 everyday at the gate. These hour-long adventures suit all ages, and toddlers under two are always welcome for free.

Plan ahead and save on weekdays and weekends by grabbing tickets in advance; they remain valid for 90 days, ensuring flexibility for your visit. 

We've got you covered with hand washing stations and restroom facilities.

Conveniently located minutes away from exit 48 on i4, to the south of Orlando, east of Tampa, and a mere 25 minutes from downtown Lakeland. Come and be part of the Bell Family Farm experience!

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