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Our Animals


Miniature zebu are a naturally occuring breed of cattle originating from India. They are known for their friendliness and gentle nature. Our zebu bulls spend most of their time grazing in their large pasture, but when you arrive, they will quickly come to the fence and you will have an opportunity to feed them some of their favorite snacks! 


Kunekune pigs are a naturally small breed of swine. Like our miniature zebu, they are very friendly and love attention. Our lazy boys spend most of their time in their mud pen sleeping and snoring or out in the pasture grazing.



Bell Family Farm is home to a large paddling of ducks and a flock of chickens! We have Indian runner ducks, Pekins and a group of very friendly wild muskovy ducks. Several roosters roosters protect our large flock of chickens including Easter eggers, (which lay pastel colored egg), wyandottes, Plymouth rocks and Americanas. Ask about our fresh farm chicken and duck eggs which are for sale when available!



Fitz, our resident brangus steer (half Brahma, half Angus), was born on March 22, 2022. He was separated from his mother at birth and became very ill. Our local vet nursed him back to health and as soon as we saw him, we fell instantly in love with his sweet face and joy for life. Fitz came to live on the farm when he was eight weeks old. He has settled right into life here on the farm. But don't tell him he's not a goat. He doesn't know.



We have several different breeds of goats including  Lamanchas, Nigerian dwarfs, Alpine and Nubians. They are natural comedians and love to get into trouble. The world famous Bonk, our oldest Lamancha, is infamous for untying and eating the ends off everyone's shoelaces! He also likes to nibble on expensive handbags. But don't try to pass off those cheap knockoffs, he can tell! Our baby goats like to take naps in your lap and all the goats love neck and back scratches.

Animals: What's Happening
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