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Our Animals


The Miniature Zebu, hailing from India, are a naturally occurring breed known for their gentle disposition and friendly demeanor. While our zebu bulls usually spend their days grazing in their expansive pasture, they're quick to approach the fence upon your arrival. This gives you the special chance to offer them their favorite snacks, creating a memorable interaction during your visit!

Mini Zebu Cattle

Kunekune pigs, a naturally small swine breed, share similarities with our Miniature Zebu in their friendly nature and love for attention. Our laid-back Kunekune boys typically split their time between snoozing and snoring in their cozy mud pen or enjoying leisurely grazing out in the pasture. Their relaxed demeanor adds a charming touch to the farm's ambiance!

Kunekune pig


At Bell Family Farm, our vibrant community thrives with a sizable flock of chickens under the watchful eye of Mr. Al,

our diligent rooster. Among these breeds are the delightful Easter Eggers, famed for their pastel-colored eggs, along with the Wyandottes, Plymouth Rocks, and Americanas. Interested in taking a bit of our farm home? Inquire about our farm-fresh eggs, available for purchase when in stock, for a taste of our farm's goodness!

Feeling adventurous? You can hand-feed these feathered friends their favorite seeds, creating a memorable and interactive experience during your visit!



At the moment, our cattle family consists of six members. Among them are three Mini Zebu: Charlie and Alfie, our two bulls, and Sweet Caroline, our expectant cow. Additionally, we have two Brangus steer, Fitz and Mulligan, and the youngest member, little Aurora, our baby Lineback.

Each one of them is incredibly amiable and enjoys a friendly snack—they're more than happy to eat right out of your hand. Meeting these affable members of our cattle family is always a heartwarming experience!

Cute calf


At our farm, you'll find a variety of goat breeds, from Lamanchas and Nigerian Dwarfs to an Alpine and Nubian mix. These goats are natural comedians, often finding themselves in playful trouble.

Meet the legendary Bonk, our oldest Lamancha, known for his mischievous antics—untangling shoelaces seems to be his specialty! He's got a knack for quality too, with a taste for expensive handbags. Beware of any knockoffs though, as he's quite the discerning goat!

On the softer side, our baby goats find solace in taking little naps right in your lap. And all our goats absolutely revel in neck and back scratches; it's their ultimate joy! Join in on the fun with these playful troublemakers and experience their delightful personalities firsthand.

Goat on a hay pile
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