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Animal Health Services

Helping you keep your animals happy and healthy.

Fecal Egg Count -
Keeping Your Herd Healthy

Although not veterinarians, we possess substantial expertise in managing internal parasites among farm animals. Given the prevalence of parasites and worms in these animals, Bell Family Farm provides a Fecal Egg Count service. This informative service is invaluable, revealing levels of internal parasites, an increasingly perilous concern due to widespread drug resistance among worms.

Our Fecal Egg Count service is available at a nominal cost of $30, with convenient drop-off options from Monday to Friday, between 10 AM and 3 PM. Remarkably, results are usually available within an hour, offering swift insights into the animals' health status.

Goat hoof trimming

Goat Hoof Trimming - Keeping Your Herd Happy

Maintaining healthy hooves is vital for goat well-being. Rely on Bell Family Farm's seasoned team for professional goat hoof trimming services. With meticulous care, we prioritize your goat's comfort and overall health during this process. Reach out to book an appointment and offer your goats the dedicated care they deserve. Prices start at $15 per goat for services at Bell Family Farm.  Additional charges are applicable for on-location services. Please get in touch with us for specific pricing details tailored to your needs. We're here to assist you!

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